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Nobody reaches the excavating community or utility operators in a state more effectively than a state’s 811 system. That’s good news for you. And with our predetermined low ads to content ratio, it means your message as a damage prevention supporter or retail advertiser will consistently stand out in front of your target audience. 

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We agree with you Lee. It looks like every 811 Center would see the benefits of a consistent message across the entire state. Plus, no worries about sick leave or payroll taxes.

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It really doesn’t matter why you’re trying to reach the damage prevention professionals in the 811 Magazine states. We already reach them. Let 811 Magazines introduce you to somebody you need to know.

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Statistics clearly show magazine readers typically have strong interest in the theme of a given magazine. Advertisers who invest in magazine advertising can reach these highly targeted, captive audiences who will likely hold on to their magazines longer than some celebrities hold on to their marriages. And the recipients of the 811 Magazines are very interested in keeping up with the changes in enforcement laws and operating rules of the 811 Center in their state.