Why Advertise?

Statistics clearly show magazine readers typically have strong interest in the theme of a given magazine. Advertisers who invest in magazine advertising can reach these highly targeted, captive audiences who will likely hold on to their magazines longer than some celebrities hold on to their marriages. And the recipients of the 811 Magazines are very interested in keeping up with the changes in enforcement laws and operating rules of the 811 Center in their state.

There is no doubt but that is a large part of the reason they use the magazine for their tailgate meetings and safety briefings. 83.5% of our readers dig for a living. This magazine reaches them quarterly. Don’t overlook your best prospects.

Contact us today to find out how we can put you on their mailing list. We can’t promise you that they’ll buy something from you the next time they need something, but we can promise you they’ll see you because 98.4% of our readers surveyed told us they look to see who is supporting the magazine.

For more information about advertising:
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