About Us

ACTS was incorporated in May 2007 by Roger Cox, who has more than 40 years’ experience working as an excavator, utility owner/operator, CEO of ARKUPS (a not-for-profit contract locating company) and as the CEO of Arkansas One Call. These varied experiences led him to conclude that for the most part, all stakeholder groups are committed to damage prevention and public safety, just not to the same degree. Unfortunately, the lack of mutual trust and respect among the stakeholders have created real obstacles for creating the dynamics that define a cohesive and successful team.

The founding principle of ACTS is to create an environment that allows for a free flow of ideas, that establishes the value of listening to understand people with different views and creating the foundation for mutual trust and respect.

Our experience in the damage prevention industry means you won’t have to spend your time explaining to us who you are and what you do. Because of our experience in the industry, we’ll begin working for you instead of learning about you.

By staying solely focused on this industry, we’ve helped build lasting and positive relationships through a series of communication tools designed to inform, educate and encourage good behavior.

Whether you are looking to create a more effective damage prevention program, strengthen your board of directors or develop specialized training; it begins with building these lasting relationships.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how it works. You talk and we’ll listen!

Our Beliefs, Mission & Vision 

Our Beliefs

We believe…
That every person is important… period.
They have a story to tell. And we should listen to them.
Creating the environment so that opposing views are encouraged is critical.
Otherwise, we’re just building bridges over rivers that aren’t there.
Fair and effective solutions to any issue are possible only when everyone at the table is recognized as an important piece of the puzzle. 

Our Mission

To help the damage prevention industry’s stakeholders create and implement effective solutions based on mutual trust and respect for the diversity of perspectives so people live and work in a safer environment.

Our Vision

 ACTS is the premier POSITIVE resource for effective damage prevention and public safety.