Take your training to the next level

Effective Training

The ACTS Now team’s award-winning graphics designers and subject matter experts in the damage prevention industry have come together to respond to the industry’s need for customized training. The good news is you don’t waste your time training us about what you do, thereby maximizing your training dollars.

Give me a call at 501-269-1000 or email me at roger@aligningchange.com and let’s talk about what works best for you!

Below are but a few snippets of styles and messages developed for a few of our clients over the past years.

Point of View

Using animation is helpful if a concept needs a visual explanation. With the right animated visual as their recall, they’ll be more likely to process and remember what they learned. Of course, the possibilities for using animation in your eLearning are only limited by your imagination.

And what she wants most

Emotions create memories – both negative and positive. Each time you get an emotional cue, neurons get activated in the brain and remind you of things associated with that particular emotion… and what she wants most is for her daddy to come home… dig safe.

Todo es Cuestión de Números

Informational videos are designed to reach a specific audience with a specific message. Here is an example of a client’s desire to reach a very targeted audience with an important message. We can make this easy for you… just tell us what you want to say and who you want to reach. We can make it happen.

Measurable Training

Developing and managing online enforcement training for the Mississippi Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Board for violators of Mississippi’s Dig Law is one of the latest successful training projects ACTS has been involved in. Here is a brief look at the project.