811 Readership Survey Says

  • We ALWAYS read articles based on safety or Damage Prevention 75.6% 75.6%
  • We read articles related to our state or 811 system 93.7% 93.7%
  • We do look to see who advertises in the magazine. 98.4% 98.4%

About  the Magazine

The numbers aren’t too good to be true. They reflect that the reader is interested in what their 811 Center has to say and how changes in their dig law will impact them. So, it’s no surprise that the readers of 811 Magazines are the people you are trying to reach. They are large and small excavating companies who are consistently digging in the state.

If you are an advertiser and looking to get in front of your customers and prospects, you are going to really like our readership. They are professional excavators who buy, rent, and maintain equipment.

Other readers include the owners and operators of utility systems, including gas pipeline and distribution, water and sewer, communications, electric and the locators who protect the underground facilities.

Additional stakeholders receiving the magazines are county road departments, mayors, state legislators and state and federal regulatory personnel.

For more information about advertising:
Email Sales or call Freddie Shows: (501)-472-0115.