Is it more important to promote pipeline safety or damage prevention? That’s like trying to choose either air or water for a week, right?

National efforts have been very effective in raising national public awareness. Yet we continue to struggle on a local level in communicating this important message to the stakeholders across our state.

How do we create a stronger and more effective damage prevention program at the state level? PHMSA’s nine elements clearly point out stakeholders in each state must work together to achieve that common goal.

Effective damage prevention is possible when we are able to build meaningful relationships with stakeholders who have a diversity of needs and ideas. Building relationships is about communicating what is important to you in a way that makes it important to me. Communication is much more than a brochure, magazine or even talking. It is simply learning to connect, and that will involve change.

Effective damage prevention isn’t likely to happen until we learn to embrace change in our own attitudes or perspectives about the possibility of succeeding.

Here is a great place to start. Ask yourself this question, “How would I get this done, if I really wanted to do it?”